Hey Jude


One Tuesday night, Jude was walking on his way home with his bag full of dirty clothes. He has not been home for three days and with the mere sight of their house door, Jude’s knees start to feel weak. Before he entered their house, he stopped for a while to take a look at the figure of a man sitting inside. It was Jude’s father, John. Jude thought that his father looked so calm on this particular view but Jude already knew that it would not be the case anymore as soon as he opens the door.

Jude took one last deep breath as he finally enters inside. As soon as his mother, Cynthia, saw him, she immediately hugged Jude. Jude returned the embrace and slowly turned to his father. Right then, Jude knew the look of death with his father’s gaze.

“Where the hell did you come from this time?” said John’s cold voice. “You played around town again, I guess eh?”

Jude did not dare answer. He just continued looking at the floor as her mother hold him tight.

“Don’t you have a mouth? For heaven’s sake Jude, you just came home despite knowing that there’s a lot of things to do here and this is just what you do? Stare at the floor? Don’t you even have a good explanation?” John started raising his voice. “Son of a bitch!”

“John! Stop it! Let your son get some rest first.” Cynthia protested.

“Son? I don’t take a fool for a son.” John said.

“Don’t you dare say that.” Cynthia’s voice started to toughen.

John started pacing back and forth while laughing. After a beat, he walked slowly to Cynthia. Cynthia took a deep gulp.

“Do you know why he’s like that? Cause her mother is a careless bitch.” John said almost like a whisper.

Jude finally looked back at John with his eyes blazing with anger.

“Why are you looking at me like that? You want to fight back now?” said John.

Cynthia moved in between of the two. “Stop it,” she said.

They stared at each other for a while like no one was willing to give up, but then John just turned away and went back to the table and started counting the money they got from their business that day.

“I’m telling you this. I’m not working my ass out to feed two useless people here. If you’re going to get out of here again, don’t ever come back anymore. No one needs you here.” John said through his teeth.

Jude closed his fist tight as if getting ready for a punch. Cynthia then held that fist and started rubbing it. After a beat, Jude headed to the staircase and went up to his room with heavy feet. John started saying something again but Jude is far too unconcerned to hear it anymore.

Jude threw his bag as soon as he got inside his room. He walked to the small corner of the room and sat on the floor with his head down. He stayed like that for a while until he noticed tears coming down from his eyes.

Seconds later Jude heard his father’s voice like he was just beside him. Jude immediately raised his head and looked around with surprised eyes but there was no one in the room.

Jude stood up and quickly opened the radio. The song “Hey Jude” played. Jude does not know why he opened the radio but he usually does this when he is afraid.

Jude heard John’s voice again say, “What a useless fool!”

Suddenly, Jude felt someone slap him. His heart went wild. He looked at every corner of the room with frantic eyes searching from where the slap came from.

“Son of a bitch!” John’s voice again and this time Jude felt someone punch him on the face. His lips bled.

Jude was taken a back and he quickly ran to the corner of his room. He held his two arms in front of him to protect himself from another attack.

“Go to hell! No one wants you here!” Jude got three punches on the stomach.

“You’re a disgust in this house!” Jude got another three punches on the face.

Jude ran in every corner of the room but John’s voice and the attacks continued to follow him.

“You’re a hopeless boy. You can’t take it anymore from here!” John’s voice started laughing. At that moment, someone pulled Jude’s hair and dragged him and banged his head on the wall again and again.

Jude shouted for help but the song “Hey Jude” just grew louder and louder until Jude can’t even hear his own voice anymore.

Jude bled to death on the floor and for one last time, he heard his father’s voice. With just a whisper, John’s voice said, “Get lost.” Two invisible hands grabbed Jude’s throat and held it real tight until air can’t pass through it anymore.

At those last minutes, the song “Hey Jude” started to fade. It kept on singing, “Nah nah nah nah nah nah, hey Jude.” Somehow at that moment Jude felt glad that the last word he heard was his name and not a curse.

Someone knocked on the door just as Jude closed his eyes. The knock grew louder until the sound of keys opened the door. Cynthia came bursting in and when he saw his son on the floor, a deafening scream came out from her. John entered the room as well and slowly knelt down beside the lifeless body of his “useless” boy.









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